Averon Rising is Live!

It’s the dawning of a new era for the Neveron community! If you don’t know what Neveron is don’t worry about it!

Averon Rising is an Empire building game loosely based on the Battletech universe. The current alpha build is a proof of concept for the community of a game that existed years ago. The community of that game is supporting both monetarily and in the form of contributing reference materials for the game creation effort.

The development team for the game is Exalted Guy Interactive (www.exaltedguy.com) who are most notably known for their puzzle games and upcoming VR titles.

Averon Rising is a very large undertaking and will be in development over a period of time no less than 10 months from todays date of 11/7/2018. The developers are currently asking for Patreon patrons to back them in their efforts! In exchange they are offering premium currency in game and also exclusive items.

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